Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Struck with a migraine yesterday. So no stamping for me. Today I'm praying it doesn't come back but it's still there just waiting to make an appearance..But I spent the day looking for my Oval Coluzzle Template.. Amazing how stuff goes missing. I just bought it too, took the plastic off and set it on the desk. Haven't seen it since. I know the 2 year old has it! I've been wondering, if I were 2 where oh where would I put that cool looking thing that I found on mommy's desk.

I've also created a stamping monster in my 2 year old. The other day he picked up a stamp and just started tapping it on the scrap paper. He was holding it right and everything. So I thought lets get the ink and see what he does.. Well one very Orange Arm later, he was having a ball. Then he decided while I was upstairs with my other son he would get out another set and play with that, and another set. Counted 6 sets out on the floor all inked up in Orange. So I guess the lock will be going back on the cupboard and I will be headed out today to find me another Oval Template for my Coluzzle.

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