Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Gift set....

This is Teacher appreciation week at both of my children's schools. My youngest is in preschool and he has 3 teachers and my oldest has 2 in his class. They have it set up where each day of the week is themed and you are suppose to bring something in for each day for each teacher. That's allot. So I needed some creative thinking.

My youngest only goes 2 times a week right now so that wasn't so bad we need 6 gifts. And today was Bath stuff, candles, body wash, spray etc.. So I came up with this:

Now when I first thought of it, there wasn't as much involved. It seemed to get more complicated as I went along. But the end result was adorable, if I do say so myself. And this is the first time I broke out my Mini catalog stuff.. Yes I know.." Holly, you need to stop being a hoarder and use your stuff!!"

I bought some small candles and wrapped them. And then I found some small lotions and did the same. I added a tag to them. And then I couldn't find anything to put them in. My bags were too small. So I tried a Bag-a-lope.. Didn't go well for me. And it was too small. If you aren't familiar it's where you make a small bag from an envelope.

So plan B.. I had some cellophane envelopes I used to put multiple cards in too sell. well it didn't look right tied at the top so I thought. Why can't I make this into a Bag-a-lope and Viola! I did.. It was easier for me then the regular paper envelope. Then I added a topper a small 3x3 note and a Ghiradelli square and we are set.. then I realized I had to make 2 more... Sigh!!

I will have more gifts later.. My other sons teachers will just be getting a big ol' bag of treats on Friday. I need more time in the day.

Happy Stamping!!


  1. OMG!!! This is absolutely cute!!!
    I'm going to copy it if you don't mind.
    Miss you, kim

  2. You are so damn creative, geez! Send some creative dust my way!

  3. I love when people post Teacher Stuff! It takes the guessing out of making something so thoughtful and sweet. Thanks for sharing!



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