Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've fallen behind on one of the monthly swaps I'm in lately, so this weekend was catch up time. Unfortunately my creative ideas weren't flowing like the normally do. So I thought what a great time to recreate those samples in the catalog or my monthly Stampin' Success Magazine.

I love everyone of these cards. I even broke out the sewing machine. I have a new video too, but my computer is running very slow and freezing up on me every two minutes. I'm not a fan of Windows Vista, So I need some more time to get that together. Enjoy!


  1. (((sigh)))

    You are so damn creative. Have I told you lately how much I hate you? ROFL I am just in a stamping rut right now I guess. Thank god I have your blog for inspiration! :)

  2. Great cards!! Love your blog header too, beautiful bear!

  3. I'm having a creative block too - so getting your cards in the mail was awesome! I am going to see if I have a stamp set that any of the designs would work well with.

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