Monday, September 1, 2008

Checking In....

What do you get when you sit and spend 4 hours trying to make one card? Nothing!! Yep I couldn't come up with anything I liked at all. So 4 hours wasted..and my desk is still a mess. So no new card for today.. I will try to get creative again for tomorrow.

We have yet another Storm headed our way. This one is suppose to be a Category 3 Hurricane by the time it reaches us. But it could still miss us and head straight for the Carolina's. Good for me but bad for them. So I will be keeping and eye on that and heading out tomorrow AM to get some supplies in case it does hit us. Its due to make landfall here sometime Friday.

So check on back tomorrow night to see if I was able to get my desk cleared and create a masterpiece..or just a simple

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!!

Happy Stamping....

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  1. Yeah, me too! I tried to make 2 cards and my family just said, "Uh, don't like them. Like the idea, but not your design!" Aren't they sweet! So, like you, my desk is a mess and nothing to show for it! Except inked fingers!!!!


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