Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday Stamps...

with the Alphabet: The Letter A..

Were going to start this out each week with a new letter..This Sunday is the letter A..So get out those sets that have names that begin with the letter A. Make a card, 3D item or Scrapbook Page and then come back here and post a link to it.

I'll pick the top 5 and post them on the following Saturday.

This is a great way to share new ideas for sets we might have forgotten about or haven't seen before.. Here are the A sets I have in my collection:

Always, A Little Somethin', A Good Egg, A Holly Jolly Christmas, All in the family, A Rose is a Rose and Autumn Harvest!! Wow I have alot of A's...

I'll be back on Sunday afternoon to share what I've made.


  1. Great idea! I'll get some 'A' sets out tomorrow and see what I come up with!

  2. I was so glad I had a stamp set that started with A!!


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