Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Chicks a plenty!!

Wow! Where did that week go? I got the Easter treat boxes for you I’ve been making.. These are super cute, but they took me forever.. 


First Challenge I had was this was a pattern I’ve never used before and it was a bit tricky, but once I was into the 10th one I got the hang of it.. Yes! I made 16 of these folks.. and 10 nugget boxes.



Second challenge was Both of my kids classes are all boys.. So I had to make these eggs look more masculine, when the original was pastel. So I worked with the supplies I had on hand and I think they came out okay. Only 3 had a bit of pink on them.. and I think the Baja Breeze one if my favorite.


3 days & nights and a good 16 hours later and they were done. I don’t know why I always think of these project so close to when they need to be done! I didn’t get a picture of the nugget boxes.. It was 2am when I was finished and I had to be up at 6am to get my son on the bus with them.

But I do have one Egg left and would you like to have him for your Easter? Leave a comment below and I will pick a name on Monday and ship him out to you, candy and all.


  1. Oh - these are the cutest things I have seen for Easter! I do the same things you do....wait 'till the last minute and then stay up all night creating! But it is fun!

  2. I have this stamp set and haven't done much with it. These are adorable. What does the back look like? Your son is lucky to have such a devoted mom!!

  3. Back looks just like the front only not decorated. It has the same little flowers stamped all over it..

  4. Absolutely the cutest! I've put off ordering this stamp set but this year it's really growing on me so it's made it to the wish list. I have a friend with chickens who are having trouble getting started laying now that Winter is almost over maybe if I case your project for them it will get them inspired!

    Thanks for sharing - Jean


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