Thursday, April 16, 2009


Artisan Projects are in the mail and on there way to UT!! Keep your fingers crossed for.. I worked my Bum off getting these projects done.. and I think I'm going to need to do at least one scrapbook page a month to get ready for next year..They were the most challenging for me.

While I was creating I've stumbled upon a lot of goodies I have that I've never used, so I'm putting together my blog candy for the upcoming 30,000 hits as I clean my desk and find my way back to the


  1. Oh Goody, goody, goody...I can't wait to see the goodies...oops my greedy, greedy self is showing...:D

    Congratulations on getting your Artisan Projects in the mail. Good Luck and I'm hoping to see your name added to the list. I made a new years resolution to go for the gold myself but in the end I chickened out. Still learning my maybe next year!

    Now take a deep breath, think positive thoughts and keep your fingers and toes crossed for the next few weeks. Now that could make life interesting. Cooking, cleaning and crafting with everything crossed....sorry hon but a girls got to get her giggles wherever she can....

    Hugs - Jean

  2. Thanks Jean.. You should of entered.. You never know.. Maybe next year right? It was a lot of work though.. Started back in Jan.. Happy it's over..


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