Friday, November 20, 2009

Artful Inkables New Moon Blog Hop!!


Artful Inkables is sponsoring the New Moon Blog Hop over at Twilight Tuesday today..And having a Hop of their own where you can win even more prizes from them as well. So along the hop make sure you leave a comment on everyone's post for a chance to win their Twilight inspired sets!

If you get lost along the way or get separated during the hop head over to Arful Inkables Blog to get the complete link list!

I was there last night to see the Movie and it was worth how tired I am My project is a card that features Jacob!!! I've been on Team Edward from the beginning but I'm now officially on Team Jacob! The movie really brings the book to life and makes you see it all differently. If you've read the book you know the story.. If you haven't skip down so I don't spoil anything for you.

Bella & Jacob become great friends after Edward leaves her. Jake falls in Love with her and Bella in love with him but it's not the same kind of Love that Jake feels for her. She will always be devoted to Edward.. But Why?? I was so mad when I read the book and even more when I saw it on the big screen.. He ripped her heart out and crushed it in a million pieces so to speak. And Jake helped her pick those pieces up and get herself back together and then Edward comes back into the picture and Bella just goes running back to him and leaves Jake behind!!

I know they didn't have the same feelings for each other.. He loved her and she loved Edward, it's the old can I have my cake and eat it So I felt his pain all along the way and it was sad.. Yep! I was crying through most of the movie..But it was so good!!!  Okay done with my rant..


These color also came from my New Moon Color Challenge that I posted earlier this week. I really like how this card turned out. I used both sets from Artful Inkables Into the moonlight & fictionally inspired!

You should have arrived to my blog via Jackie's Blog, Your next stop on the hop is going to be April's Blog.. And don't forget to leave comments along the way for a chance to win!

Happy Hopping.. I'm going back to bed!!


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