Friday, March 19, 2010

Eric anyone?

I stumbled upon another challenge blog this morning... and it's all about the True Blood Series on HBO. I Love this series and have been a fan since the beginning.. I missed the first challenge but this is for Challenge #2 Which team are you on? You can be Bill, Eric or Sam...Who will win Sookie's heart? I've never been on team Bill and mainly because I started with the TV show and not the books... So, I don't really like the guy playing Bill so I have to go with Eric. Same with Twilight I love Edward in the book but with the movies I'm team Jacob! and besides have you seen ERIC and who can't love a Viking Vampire?

I used My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up!.. I took the training from SU so I'm certified in the software and to teach it to others.. just need to remember it's on my computer to If you'd like to learn the basics or maybe see what it is.. Let me know and I'll do a introduction video on it!

My page size is 6x6.. I used lots of different images and elements.. I think it came out pretty good.. Best thing is I used a pre-made template and changed everything to the colors I wanted and I was able to add stuff in and take stuff out to make it my own and no messy clean up!

Stop over to the True Blood Challenge Blog and check things out.. if you a fan of the show join in!!

*My image of Eric came from*


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