Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ogre anyone?

Not So my youngest who's 5 needed some candy for his class for Easter. While we were at the store he picked out these Shrek candies. Not really thinking about it I let him get them because he was so excited to get them for class.

If you are a fan of those orange circus peanuts then these are for you.. That's basically what it is only apple flavored and shaped like an I tasted one and it was so not good!!

9 pm I'm getting everything ready for school and notice the note says the candy needs to be wrapped.. DUH!!! They are going to put it in the Easter eggs for a hunt.. So I wasn't thinking in the store. We'll now what? For the eggs I got the ones made for a hunt that have candy already in them so I figure that works.. but Elvis really wants to take these Ogar things in he was so excited about them.. I have an hour till my show comes on, what can I whip up?

We'll 2 hours later and I missed Justified on FX good thing I have a DVR... I came up with these cuties... I did have to finish them up in the am while waiting for the bus.. I saw this cute bunny on this blog here I think her name is Mercedes.. Super cute!

Mine didn't come out like hers all the way but I was working fast! I took my photos this morning before I sent then out the door, so their not great..

And you know what the best thing about these are? I used all scraps even for the Top Notes.

I'll have to make something else as well he informed me this morning that we need something for the bus drivers too... lol

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