Friday, March 12, 2010

Sparkle and Shine!!

Christmas was a few months back.. But I stumbled on this photo of some ornaments I made while I was cleaning out my computer...

These are really pretty in real life and super easy to make... They would make a great Christmas Gift or if you know someone who keeps a tree up all year they would be easy to make for any holiday..

Orange & Black, Red & Pink, all Pastels etc.... See where I'm going?

So how do you make them? Well it's really easy.... First you will need some plain glass ornaments from any craft store. Take the top off and add a few drops of re-inker in a color that coordinates with some fine glitter. Roll the ornament around until the entire inside is covered with the ink..

Lay it upside down on a paper plate or something to collect any extra ink that may come out... Then funnel in some fine glitter* and cover the top with your finger and shake to distribute the glitter.. Dump out any excess glitter and replace the top. You can add some rub ons like I did or just leave it plain.. tie a matching piece of ribbon and you have a very pretty ornament..

* This doesn't work with chunky glitter, it has to be fine glitter.

I used a Bashful Blue Re-inker and the blue glitter in the Fine Cosmo set.

Sorry, I haven't posted much this week, it's been crazy busy!!! I'm off tomorrow to see a movie and then I have a Family Support Group Meeting for the Ship on Sunday.. I hoping next week slows down a bit.. I hope you are all having a great start to your weekend!

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