Saturday, March 13, 2010

We miss you...

So, they are making a pillowcase banner for the ship to hang in the hanger bay when it comes back or on the way back.. Each family decorates a standard size pillowcase and they are all saftey pinned together.. This are very cool looking when all put together.. You can put photos on them, paint, stencils etc... Well I had an idea and it didn't work so then I had another idea and that didn't work either..I've made I want to say 6 or 7 of these in the last 15 years.. and believe me that is a lot in that small amount of So, I wanted to do something different..

After my other attempts failed I decided I'd try using My Digital Studio and make my design and print it out on Iron On Transfer Sheets. Well key number one to this is don't go to Wal-Mart with both of your kids in tow especially when you despise Wal-Mart and I mean like loath it!! They didn't have any white pillowcases and I could only find one pack of Iron On Transfers..

Went to another store and they didn't have any pillowcases either.. They have to be white standard size you see.. So this project was doomed from the So A friend of mine had some extra and she gave me one.. So I created my image in My Digital Studio and printed it out and my 5 year old colored it in... Then I drew in the house, clouds and sun.. All good to go!! I didn't notice the Iron On Sheets are white..

So, I said Oh Well.. I printed out my letters from MDS as well and then everything was ready to go.. Well the backing wasn't coming off the sheets and it was a mess.. I had to tear them to get it to come off a corner so I could peel it up which meant I had to trim everything to fix it.. BLAH!!!! I wanted to give up so many

Then are you ready for this I put 2 towels down on my  Table and Ironed over it because it said to use a wood surface.. I thought okay 2 towels should be okay.. NOPE and that's a BIG FAT NOPE!!! I ruined my table top and the towel fibers melted into it.. Total Mess!!

So long story short I hate this pillowcase but my 5 year is ecstatic with how it came out and is so proud! And he can't wait for his Daddy to see it! So MDS is good for lots of things..

Here is a close up of the All in The Family Digital Stamps I used.. I also used the ABC lower Alphabet for some of my letters..

So I'm off to drink a few glasses of wine to de-stress from this project and catch up on my  Thursday  TV on my DVR.. I'll be back sometime tomorrow for Sunday Stamps!!!


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