Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Stamps....

Last time we were on the letter "W"  and  you could use a set that began with a "W" or make a card that shows Wishes, Worms or Welcome. I choose Worms, this card was made with a kit and I love it!! It's so stinking cute... and it has Worms.

I had a pretty mellow Sunday.. saw The Prince of Persia this morning with my friend Jeanne and then we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's.. It was a pretty good movie I was surprised, I had no intention of seeing it but I'm glad I did.

Time to get my kiddos ready for bed. Then The Tudors for me, only 2 more episodes left I think.. I hope I get to see the Series Finale before my TV is packed up! I hope you all had a great weekend!

There will be no Sunday Stamps again until after I move and get settled.. but when we return we will be on the letter "X" and that was a tricky on last time so if you want to get a jump start you have a few weeks.


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