Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sizzix Storage..

I forgot to show you the Storage Box for the Sizzix when I got it all together.. My BAD!!!

Shelf before....

and after...

Not a huge improvement but you get the idea... 2 more of these boxes on that bottom shelf and it will look cute and not cluttered!

Here's a look at the box inside... The large box comes with 2 removable inserts.. this is the adhesive strip you can attach the inserts into the bottom. I choose not too incase I want to change the box up later on.

You can fit 20 Bigz or Originals Dies or you can store 10 Bigz XL dies which is what I did.

I have 9 Bigz XL dies in here ( and I know I have one still in plastic, Hey it's been in that plastic for a ) and the Premium Crease pad.. The Cutting plates for these dies will not fit in the box.

I didn't do much stamping this week as you can see by my lack of post. I did do some today, I need to get some photos of them in the AM and then I will have them up.. Tomorrow is Friday!! Time for a Mashup.. Shirley and I will be using the new set "Wicked Cool" So check back for those..

It's 2:30am time for sleep, I just got back from seeing a midnight showing of the movie SALT.. AWESOME!! I think it's going to be like the Bourne movies with Matt Damon.. See ya tomorrow!!!


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