Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday #69

Not much on my desk this week, I'm sick still and haven't been doing much. I did however clean my desk finally.. But my photo is how it looked Sunday Night before I went to bed and then the cleaning began Monday Morning...

It's a bit dark but it was late when I took the photo.. My desk was a wreck as you can see! I was working on that coupon holder I showed the other day here.. And I'm happy to report I took it to the store today and it traveled well in my purse.

I'm very proud of myself... I made it around last week to more blogs from WOYWD then I have before.. I made it to over 30 blogs, I won't lie though I didn't get a comment on all of them but I tried very hard.. My goal this week is to hit at least 50 and comment on 40+.. I'm going to make it to every last blog on there, if it kills me!

Now hop over to Julia's Blogand see what's on everyone else's desks this week.. I've been seeing a lot of cool stuff!

If you haven't checked out the Friday Mashup! make sure you check it out.. you only have till Thursday to submit your project using the sketch for a chance to win a new SU set! I'm headed to bed... I gotta kick these Allergies that have run a muck in my body!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


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