Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wreath making 101..

This post is non stamping related but crafty!!! I love looking at Wreaths in the stores around the Holidays and have always wanted one but we move a lot and they would get destroyed.. 2 years ago at X-mas I bought my first and I love it!

I wanted one for every season to hang on my door.. But I couldn't find a container for that one I purchased. Don't get me wrong their were some out there but they didn't fit the one I had.. So, I hung it on the back of my door for storage! Finally last year I came across a plastic container to store it in.. Bought it and you know that thing didn't fit!!

I still have my wreath but, I thought I'm going to make my own that way if it gets ruined in a move or lack of storage space I don't need to cry over how much it cost. So, here goes my first attempt at a Wreath for Halloween (my Favorite Holiday)..

This is one of those Grapevine Wreath from a craft store.. $2.50 on Sale.. I painted it with some Glossy Spray Paint  I used a %50 off coupon for so it was $3.25. The leaves you see in the middle actually keep falling all around my work area and I just sprayed them while they were there (idea I didn't use)  Spray each side and edges letting it dry in between flipping sides.. Take your time and get in all those spaces.

Next you need some of these things.. Not sure what they are called but I called them Buy more then what you think you will need, you can return them.. I bought 6 @ $1.99 each and took 3 back.. So total cost $5.97 for 3.

Now cut them apart so you have just the individual pieces.. You will need Wire Cutters for this and I used my Stampin' Up! Rubber Scissors for the plastic.. Take your time on the Pumpkin heads they are foam and not sturdy. Oh and while you are digging out your Wire Cutters, find that hot glue gun you know you have around the house somewhere (or in my case you find 3 of them because you forgot you had one, more then once obviously, why else would you have 3?).

And let me just say that Hot Glue was invented by a Man because that stuff is EVIL!!! It will kick your behind up and down for several hours and burn you a few times no matter how proficient you are with Hot Glue.. Don't pretend like it never happens to you, I see ya grinning! I know my friend Andrea has had her fair share of fights with Hot Glue during the Holidays.  Glue the leaves and pumpkin heads and start attaching it on the wreath where you want them.. I would suggest lay them around first and get a feel for how it's going to look.

Now the next step is really important, text a pix of what you have to your Mother and BFF and ask them what they think.. Because you know it needs something but you aren't sure and what if it's too much? Should you stop now? Add some Chipboard letters more leaves etc... Insanity!!

Just attach some Black Grosgrain Ribbon to the top.. I used Stampin' up! 5/8" and loop it around and tie a knot.. I left it alone but knew it needed something else.. So, I went back to the store and got some ribbon I wanted a bow and my husband was driving me nuts saying it didn't need one or maybe I was driving him nuts saying it needed one..

Anyways.. Here I added the bow, my first attempt at a bow.. I'm not Martha Stewart but I think it came out pretty good for my first attempt and all for under $14 the wreath I bought for Xmas.. A whopping $25 at Target! I like this way better, minus that darn hot glue! If you've made a wreath I wanna see..

That bling makes me Smile!!!! Have a great weekend...


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