Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's Wednesday time for another peek at what's on the work desk... and when your done snooping around my area don't forget to head over to Julia's blog and see what everyone else is working on this week..

I've got mild piles today, there hasn't been a lot happening on my desk since last Wednesday.. I did clean up about 80% and then added to it again.

I'm proud to say that I made it to every desk that left me a comment last week and a few others... It's a slow process but I will make it everyone one of these weeks!

I'm hoping to get some stamping done today and ahead of myself for the weekend.. We have big plans... National Zoo in D.C. and then the Renaissance Festival. This is the last week of my husband's time off from work for awhile.

My husband and I have had a great time so far since he's been home.. We've been running around doing stuff while the kids are in school all day. He's been gone for so long I'm not used to But, we survived and haven't had any meltdowns.

Meltdowns are what you get in Military life when you have someone that is gone for months at a time and then you bring them back into the mix. You have to adjust but be prepared for them to leave again after your adjusted and then the cycle starts all over again.

We've been doing this for 14 years. Yesterday we had lunch at Red Lobster and then saw a movie.. Wes Craven's My Soul to Take in 3-D..I don't get horror films in 3-D.. but I will say the preview for Saw IV looked very cool in 3-D. Today I'm taking a break though and working on some stuff that needs to get You can only play for so long!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!


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