Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WOYWD? Wednesday #72

What's on my workdesk? Well the same stuff that's been on their since last Thursday....Bad, Bad stamper I know! But, my mild piles from last Wednesday grew so that's good right?

We had a busy weekend and then I've been running non stop since this week started I even have a yucky!! Dentist appointment today and field trip to a Pumpkin Patch tomorrow and appointments for my Kids Friday, Saturday and then next week the kids have appointments Monday and Wednesday!!

So, I will need to clean a bit before I can Everything exploded.. It's on the Floor!

and yep that's my beloved R.I.P paper trimmer in that photo under my desk.. I refuse to throw it away!! Oh and the top of my foot is in there

I love Wednesday when we do this.. My bluetooth has been missing for like 3 weeks.. and when I took this photos I happened to notice it on the floor on a notebook!! I was so excited...

I will need to clean today.. My space is in the living room/dinning room and my husband just looks at the mess and then me and shakes his head lmao!

You've seen mine now show me yours!!! Wanna see some more great desks and projects make sure you hop over to Julia's Blog and join in the fun!


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