Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paper Trimmers a Review..

So, you may remember my post here about my beloved Paper Trimmer bitting the bullet so to speak!

This was my old paper trimmer... The Fiskars Ultimate 12- inch Craft Trimmer. I loved this paper trimmer! I had this trimmer since 2002.

I did stumble upon an cutting bar I had hidden away for it but you cannot buy blades or the bars for this trimmer anymore.. You can however still purchase this cutter in a lot of places but if you call Fiskars they will tell you that it has in fact been discontinued!

Here are a few other trimmers that I currently have in my drawer or I have purchased in hopes of finding a replacement for my trimmer.

This is the Making Memories Paper Trimmer.. Cost upwards of $50 If you cut a lot of 12x12 and keep your pieces on the large side it might work for you.. Card Makers it won't, don't waste your money on it an no don't even waste your 50% off coupon at the big box craft stores..

Cutter Bee Cutterpede Trimmer.. I admit it's pink so I had to try it.. It wasn't bad, on a scale of 1-5 I'd give it a 3.. It takes some getting use to and it's compact.. But the arm doesn't always stay straight and then your cut is crooked and you have to replace the cutting bar a lot to get straight smooth cuts. I worked with it one night and I bet 1/2 the time my paper was not straight or I didn't press hard enough and it didn't cut all the way through!

This is the Fiskars Paper cutter most people know and love you could say.. This is the one Stampin' Up! carries mine is Purple, I had it before I became a demonstrator. I have a love and hate relationship with this trimmer.. It DOES NOT CUT STRAIGHT 3/4 of the time.. I don't care what anyone else says that you ask... and when those blades get dull look out! You better have some extras on hand or you will have some frayed edges until you change them.

But this however is a paper trimmer every paper crafter should own, even if you don't use it everyday.. and I'm not saying that because Stampin' Up! sells it. This cutter is great for making 3-D items and odd cuts within the center of the paper without using an exacto knife.. If you don't have one you should go and get one just to have for when the time arises.

This is another Stampin' Up! trimmer and it's called the TableTop cutter. This is a great trimmer for cutting multiple sheets of card stock, always cuts straight. And if you need a sliver of paper or you like to do paper quilling this is perfect for you.. If you cut small pieces one at a time.. or craft in a small area, this isn't going to be your everyday paper cutter but some do.. I use this for cutting when I'm making multiple cards and cut lots of paper at one time.. I however don't like it for cutting small pieces. But, I do believe it's another must have!

I'm just being Honest! Everyone must try a cutter and see what works for them, they will work better for some and not others..

So today I acquired this trimmer..

This is a Fiskars' Sure Cut 12-inch paper trimmer.. All fingers crossed that this will be my replacement everyday trimmer.. If it doesn't work I will be returning it to the store, because as you can see I have a drawer full of trimmers lol. I will report back on how it worked out!

What type of trimmer do you use? Which ones are your Favorite and not so favorite?


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