Sunday, December 26, 2010

Candy Bars Act 2...

I finished up all those candy bard I was working on that I showed you in this post... Here is a photo of the male version I made and I jazzed up a few of the Baja Breeze ones I was making..

Just changed up the paper and the colors I used...

I also had some comments in regards to me removing the label on my candy bars.. Because when you are giving these as a gift you should leave the ingredients list on incase someone has allergies and that's a good idea. I knew the people I was giving my candy bars too so I didn't need to worry about that.. But for those that I didn't here is an easy way to do.. After you peel the wrapper off the candy bar cut out the ingredient list and then attached it to the back corner of your candy bar.

I made a few of these ones for close friends... They took a bit more time but look cute!


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