Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Wow, I'm honored and excited at the same time.. I just received this award from the wonderful Heidi.. Thank you so much and this is my first blog award, I have seen these all over the place but have never received one before. If you haven't been over to Heidi's Blog you must check it out.. She has such a unique style and makes the absolute cutest stuff!

There are three simple rules for this blog award:

  1. Thank the person who gave the award, and include a link to her/his blog.

  2. Share 8 things about yourself

  3. Pass the award on to 8 Stylish blogs, and let them know! are 8 little things about me:

  • I've lived in 7 states in the last 15 years!

  • I am a SAHM to 2 boys Austin & Elvis.. both my kids are special needs, one being non verbal and Autistic. It's a challenge everyday but it's what we know and they are 2 great kids!

  • I've been stamping for almost 25 years.. My mom does it and has for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to Stampin' Up! in Hawaii 9 years ago and I'm still a demonstrator!

  • I have a passion for Cooking as well as paper crafting.. I'd love to be a professional Pastry Chef someday!

  • I  love  Elvis Presley, have since I was 2 years old.. even named my son Elvis!

  • I've been married for 15 years this April and have only seen my husband on 2 of those Anniversaries!

  • I collect OPI Nail I've never worn the same color twice!

  • I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh!

Here are some Stylish Blogs where I often find some great projects! I hope these are all people who haven't already received it, but if you have enjoy it the second time around!

1. Ilina C. She is amazing, the 3-D stuff she creates blows me away!

2. Terry B. Keeps it real, you can make the cutest stuff without going over the top..

3. Shirley S. She has a unique style that is all her own!

4. Carrie G. She can create amazing stuff with a punches!

5. Nancy R. Showcases the best stuff each week from around the Blogsphere.. and I get so excited when I see one of her own creations!

6. Lisa J. She keeps us filled with Christmas all year!

7. Jen She can Rock Color like I've never seen.. What an eye!

8. Michelle W. I want to live in her stamp room, I spend hours on her blog looking at the same stuff.. It's so cute!

Ladies grab your Award and pass it on!!


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