Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Mashup! #31

This week Shirley is up and she has chosen a theme for us! Will you be my Valentine?

I always know when it's Valentine's Day, that's actually the day my first child was due on.. he came on the 12th instead. There is something about my kids and being born so close to My other one is Dec. 18th.. You know he gets forgotten about until the last minute.

Speaking of my youngest Mr. Elvis.. He is all ready for Valentine's Day.. I had the treats for class all planned out and he changed it on me just a few days ago! So back to the drawing board I went..

He really wanted to do store cards that most kids give out.. after I gasp'd in horror I said OK. So he had to write his name on all 22 of them though which he later had second thoughts about.. But he pushed through and did great!

This is actually a very easy project.. I used a 3x3 white envelope and some DSP, ribbon a few punches and Viola'...

I'll come back later today with a video on how I made these.. You can make a ton in a flash!! I'll also be making something up for the teachers over the weekend.

Make sure you head over to the Mashup! Blog and see what the other ladies made this week and join in and show us your Valentine!


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