Monday, March 21, 2011

Reward Chart....

This project doesn't have any stamping on it but it's a great idea for kids.. I made a chart a few months ago for my youngest and it worked really well, except we would run out of stars and I would forget to punch out new ones. And then he would remind me and I'd still forget until my husband decided to use Chapstick and toilet paper.. lmao!

Yes you read that right, the glue stick dried out and instead of asking me for a new one my husband used some Chapstick and toilet paper to fill in the squares on the chart.. I so wish I had taken a photo before I took it down.

So, we needed a new chart and my son Elvis has been super excited about the new Lego Star Wars Game coming out for the DS.. We came up with a plan. Since a new Video game is expensive he had to fill a chart to get it.. Instead of filling it half way and getting something small and then another small item when it was full.

This is what I came up with..

I took a piece of 12x12 card stock and I put an image of the item he wanted.. using a 1 1/4" circle punch I punched out 40 black circles and adhered them around the image. Then I punched out 40 small stars and these will be what he earns and attaches to the circles.

Last time I just had the stars in an envelope and I would make them as needed.. To avoid the toilet paper Chapstick issue I attached all 40 stars to a strip of mini glue dots.

You can just cute the strip off when you have the allotted amount of items on there. I usually have a extra long piece on my roll so I just trim that off and use it to go around the area exposed where I cut my strip off so they won't stick to the inside of the box. Another option is you could attach them to a piece of Wax Paper with the glue dot on the back.

After they were all on the strip I carefully rolled it up and placed it in a sandwich bag and attached it to the side of the chart with a paperclip after I attached it to the door. He loves it and is so excited to do every and anything he can to get a star and get that game! Start to finish the whole chart took less then 20 minutes and I used what I had on hand!

I hope everyone had a great weekend that was full of sunshine it was gorgeous here in MD. I spent most of my weekend cooking.. I tried out 2 new recipes and they came out great..  Now it's back to a busy week here for me.. Hope you have a great week ahead!!!


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