Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WOYWD? Wednesday.. #93

It's 2pm and I've had nothing but I'm on full speed today lol.  I figured I haven't played along with Julia and the other gals in a few weeks so I'm jumping in because I have about a million projects going and nothing is 100% finished.. maybe some food soon to counteract all that coffee. Or maybe I should get less shots of espresso in my Lattes.

The last time I showed my desk it was in a different area.. I got my own spot now Whhooo Hooo!! Hubby still walks by when it looks like this though and rolls his eyes, even though I'm hidden away.

I'm working in a tiny space between various projects left

I think my creativity flows better this way though.. I started cleaning it off again so I will be more organized in an hour or two.. I hope!

Make sure you take a minute and swing by Julia's Blog the lovely host of this weekly look into everyone's desk tops and creative spaces and see what everyone else is up too this week!.


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