Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger...

And the award goes to...... myself and a few other great bloggers. A big Thank you to Kim for giving me this award...

I need to tell you 8 things about me and pass it along to 8 other great bloggers out there.. It's so hard to pick 8 there are so many talented crafters and bloggers out there.

This time I will try to post 8 different things about me from what I did before... Let's see hum??

1. I've been a Navy Wife for 15 years. My husband started on the smallest of Subs and his last ship was an Air Craft Carrier, the largest in the fleet.

2. I have 15 tattoos and 1 piercing. (did you just fall out of your chair on that one?)

3. My favorite animal is the Polar Bear, I can watch nature specials on these guys for days on end.

4. I worked in Radio Promotions for 6 years in Pittsburgh and Chesapeake VA. Met a lot of great people and Musicians. My favorite by far were Brooks n' Dunn, they remembered me each time.

5. My favorite Movie of all time is Ever After...

6. I have 3 brothers 2 of which are 16+ years younger then me..

7. I read everything I can get my hands on from The Tudor period..

8. I'm on team Jacob we'll in the movies anyway, when I'm reading the books Team Edward all the way.

I hope that was 8 new things.. Now I need to pass this onto 8. I'm going to mix it up and share it with more then just paper crafters.

1. Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites... she keeps it real on her blog, she does cooking, make-up, crafts and I love her Southern charm.

2. Di at Stamping with Di... She could get it for funniest blogger, she cracks me up and she makes the cutest stuff. She is also a fellow Twilight'er but I believe she's on the wrong team.

3. Jangsara at Makeup your Jangsara she does some amazing tutorials and I love that she shares her talent.

4. Tess at Me being Crafty.. She takes on all crafts, Sewing, Candy making, Paper Crafts, Quilting and I'm sure there is more.

5. Lynn at The Queen's Scene .. I really love her coloring and her projects are all so creative.

6. Julie at Paper Pleasing Ideas... Julie's stamping style is unique there are a few stampers where you can see a card and know it's theirs and I love stampers like that..

7. Laurie at Just Give me stamps.. All I can say is I wanna stamp like her! I've tried to channel her creativity many times.

8. Amy at Prairie Paper and Ink... That girl can rock some Copics and I wanna go play in here craft room.

I hope your having a great Sunday... Laundry day here and I hope to get some stamping in. Don't forget to check out The new revamped Friday Mashup Challenge blog... You'll love our first challenge.

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