Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teacher Gift

I think every year this gets harder to come up with something new.. in a way I'm lucky that we move so much, that I can do the same thing again and it not be the same teacher receiving it but for some reason I don't do that.  This year I will admit I was a bit lazy, I had something in mind and it just wasn't coming together the way I wanted.

I purchased 2 Starbuck Gift Cards, some mugs and a cookies.

I ran some scraps of Chocolate Chip through my paper shredder. You can also just cut them into very thin strips. Then crumple them up and place in the bottom of the cup and add your cookie and Gift Card.

Then you'd place them in a cello bag and tie it with a bow and add a gift tag. My bags were too short to do this so I had to sleep on it and figure something else out. This is what I came up with, not great but it served the purpose.

I just took a very long piece of ribbon and tied it like you would on a package and tied the end into a bow on top. I rearranged it so that the ribbon was keeping the cookie and Gift Card in place.

For the tag I just wrote the to and from on the Butterfly on top.

I die cut the Butterflies and attached them in the center. Then take a piece of twine and bring it up and under the center of the bow you tied on the cup Lay the Butterfly in the center of that knot with the twine on both ends and thread a button using each end of the twine and when you pull it taught to tie it should come around the butterfly and keep it in place.

I didn't take a photo sorry. Basically the butterfly & Button is attached with just the twine. These were going to get placed into another basket from the rest of the class as well.. For not being what I envisioned them came out pretty cute I thought.


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