Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's on Your Work Desk? #98

I hope I don't get thrown out of the club if I have a clean desk this week? Or that I was a week late making my rounds to everyones desk.. It's Wednesday again already? Where did the time go?

I had to stop and clean there was no more space left to do anything including use the computer.. So let's see how this week goes and maybe by next Wednesday I will have another messy desk for you.

I do have to say I kinda like the look of the clean desk, although it screams STAMP ON ME!!!!

I can't wait until we are out of the Navy and in a permanent house, because then I can have a stamp area that doesn't need to be cleaned!

Now that you've seen my area stop over to the Stamping Ground and join Julia and the gang and see what everyone else is up too this week, I'm going to search for another clean desk I bet there is at least one.


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