Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm a Stamping Ma-Chineeeee!!!

I have been cranking out Teacher Gifts and End of Year Gifts like a crazy person the last 2 days.. Finished up this AM as the kids were headed out the door.. Here is what I started with:

So, here is the first one, I made 2 of these for the Bus Driver & Aide my oldest has.. and even though it was stressful and I was rushed making this stuff  because I always wait to the last minute.. It was all worth it because my son who is Autistic and non verbal was so excited to give these to them ... He loves Movies & Popcorn and his eyes just lit up when he saw these... Worth every hour I put into them!

Using my Popcorn Holder/Slider Template I Made the Popcorn Holder, Only instead of decorating the way I did last time in this post.. I needed to attach a Gift card some how, after much thought I figured a film strip would look cute, but how do I get a GC in there.. So Here ya go, I made a pocket with the Film Strip and slide it in that way.. What I really like is when you pull the GC out you can't tell there is a pocket there.

For my Popcorn pieces, I did them a little different used the 3 flower punch that is retired.. and cut 2 of the petals off and placed it behind the 1/2" Circle.. Last time I used Barley Banana and Crushed Curry to color it so I used So Saffron this time and then for my Stars on the Film Strip I used Daffodil Delight with the Stars Wheel.

If you want a tutorial on the Gift Card Holder part let me know and I'll get one together.... You can see how to make the Popcorn pieces here..

My youngest really likes to give something to everyone he has contact with at school, you should of seen him at Christmas, we made cookies of some kind everyday for a week and took them in each morning so he could hand them out to everyone.

Here's what I came up with for him to just hand out to the secretaries, Nurses etc..

This is a project you don't want to do way ahead because your Candy/Chocolate can take on the scent of the Lotion. So you want to put your Candy in a Bag separate or make them up the day before your going to give them out.

Tomorrow I'll show you the Cards I made....


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