Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paper Trimmers!

Can a girl get a Paper Trimmer that cuts a straight line??? in my case the answer is NO! Well I can get a big one that does it but not a smaller version that is more user friendly.

Here is my arsenal of Paper Trimmers.

Nobody should have this many Paper Trimmers in their collection, I could free up 2 drawers in my Craft Area if I just tossed them! I'm a firm believer in you get a 1 really good trimmer and you stay with it, no need to stray or try others. Don't fix what isn't broken!

Last year I said Good-Bye to my favorite Paper Trimmer.. This Ultimate Craft Trimmer from Fiskars. That would be the Purple on pictured below. I've had this trimmer for at least 7 years... Love, Love , Love. For me it ROCKED! It cut a straight line every time!

You can see I wore the lines off it! Then Fiskars went and made some changes to it, mostly the Blade. They reconfigured it where it wouldn't come off as easily as it had in the past.. Okay I can live with that, not a big deal. I was given a new version of the same trimmer from a friend and it was okay but it didn't have that worn in feel my purple one did so it sat in the drawer. Well last year Fiskars Discontinued the trimmer and all parts that go with it. So I'm running on the refills I've stashed but sadly they have run out.

Now this is a Provo Craft Trimmer.. It has arms that extend it to 12x12. The second worst trimmer on the planet! Not easy to use, and the blades aren't smooth and it Doesn't cut a straight line after 4 passes. There maybe some  people out that that can maneuver it but I'm not one of them. IMO don't waste your money on it!

Then we have this Fiskars Trimmer... another waste of your money it never cuts a straight line either. And this is a Trimmer that Stampin' Up! carries as well and I have to say I'm not a fan of it! I can't begin to count the number of times I've been at another Demo's event and the papers are off because they used this trimmer! I'm a SU Demo but I don't like this trimmer, I can't sell something I don't believe in Sorry!

Now we have this new version of the Fiskars Paper Trimmer... They have pretty much made all of their trimmers look like this with the Orange & Clear . I was okay with this trimmer I've had it for about a year and it's not bad, I've replaced the blades a few times. But over the past month I've been getting very uneven cuts. So we are back to the same thing again. I want a straight cut all the time.. I don't want a $30 trimmer going out on me a year later and I have to replace it!

I'd show you the Martha Stewart trimmer but I don't have one on hand.. It came into the house for 24 hours and then was returned to the store.. Yeah, it's built like the others.

Now these are all those small portable trimers you'd use on your desk or carry with you.. That is what I'm looking for, the perfect cutter for those little pieces of paper.

For the big jobs or just a Table Top Cutter that you can leave out and keep in one place, this is the one and only!

This is the Stampin' Up! Table Top Trimmer and I love it! You can cut multiple pieces of card stock at once and it cuts a STRAIGHT Line every time!! The other great thing about this trimmer if you are a parent of small children It's very hard for you to cut yourself with this one. I've actually had my fingers get caught in the blade area and nothing happen.

You can take the Handle off and the extension bar.. so you could store it in a smaller area or travel with it. But for me it's not great with smaller cuts. What I mean is if I have a small piece of card stock and I want to make a cut that's like 1/16th or something it's hard to see on the cutter where it's at to line it up. One the smaller trimmer you have the guidelines. And for my area this isn't practical to pop off and on my desk.

So, I'm sill in search of the Ultimate Paper Trimmer that will cut a Straight Line Every  Time, Not require a lot of maintenance or need to be replaced after a month. I have my eye on another trimmer so we will see how that pans out!

If you have a Trimmer that you love, tell me about it.. I'd love to hear what everyone else is using and what's out there!


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