Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Cupcake Toppers!

Today is my son Elvis' 7th Birthday and he really wanted a Lego Star Wars theme.. This proved to be a bit difficult when it came to finding decorations and stuff for the cupcakes for his class. I searched high and low and didn't really have enough time to order anything to be here in time.. So, I whipped up an e-vite for a small get together on Saturday and for his cupcakes at school today; I made my own toppers.

I found some Lego Star Wars stickers in the Party store on a clearance isle.. I got lucky! I decided to purchased 2 packs of 24 and then I headed over to Giant next door and ordered up 24 cupcakes with Red & Blue icing.

This is a great project to use your scraps up with. I started by measuring my stickers and then I cut the black card stock to the size I needed for the sticker to go on. For these I did 2 1/4" x 2" .

I used 2 of the same image for each topper. You want to place some glue dots on the back of one side near the bottom and attach a toothpick. Then on the back of the other one apply some adhesive.

Then just attached those two back to back; making sure to secure your edges including around the toothpick to hold it in there.. The kids loved them and wanted to keep the toppers.

Then you just pop them onto your Cupcakes and enjoy!

My husband thought I was nuts for going through all the trouble to make them, But Elvis was so sick last year for his Birthday & Christmas they were both a bust and I really wanted him to have a special day this year. He even got a cookie cake & I found this cool ribbon he wore today at school .

I made an e-vite for a party for him on Saturday using My Digital Studio and some fonts I have on my computer. I had to stick with the Lego theme right?

I hope you are having a great week so far and your staying warm if you live in the  North East .. Temp are dropping around here and I think the snow is on it's way!


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