Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Treat Tutorial.

I'm so late getting this up, I have satellite internet and it's been snowing off and on and the internet just doesn't work well when the sky isn't clear.

For Halloween I made these cute bags for my son's class.

You start with a regular lunch sack and cut it at 5 1/4". You are cutting off the bottom portion of the bag.

Then you want to run the bag through the Big Shot using an Embossing Folder. I used the Spiderweb one. You're sliding it into the bag along the front edge with the 1/2 circle cut out.

This is what it will look like once you take the folder off.

Then you want to open it up and lay it out flat on your work surface.

You want to fold along the edges of the spider web or you want to create a crease.

You are going to fold the side over and create a pocket. You could cut the sides off but I wanted one less step and I felt like folding the extra over made it more sturdy. You're going to put adhesive along one side on the back so that when you bring the one side around it connects and creates that open pocket.

Here is a look from the top with the treat inside you can see that you formed a pocket.

Now you want to take your pocket to the sewing machine and stich up the bottom so the treat doesn't fall out.

After you've stitched the bottom you want to run a white ink pad all over the spiderweb and the edges. This will really make that web pop!

Then just decorate and add the treat.

For the other treat I made I went more simple.

I used some Candy Buttons and some DSP. I cut the DSP 2"x9".

I attached the candy to the top of the DSP and folded it over and stapled it.

Then I just stamped an image and sentiment onto a piece of card stock and adhered it. Quick and easy! Oh and don't forget the Googlie Eyes!

This was my first photo I think I'll stick with videos. Let me know if you have any questions.

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