Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Reply Bloggers!!!

Are you a No Reply Blogger? Did you know you might be a No Reply Blogger? Ever leave a comment on a Blog and not get a response? Do you have to remember which blogs you've visited and which post you left a comment on; to see if they the poster replied?

If you said YES to any of these you may be a No Reply Blogger... Good news it's an easy fix! Head over to Sarah's Blog and she has a great tutorial on how to fix this problem.

I try to follow up on my comments through email, it's much easier and I can do it from anywhere.. but if the return address is a no-reply blogger then I can't. I will have to come back to that blog post and reply and they might not see I followed up to their comments. Or I have to click through Blogger then Google + and then hunt down their blog address to go to a post to leave a comment or track down and email address.

If you have kids you know we all have Mommy brain and we get distracted easily and then don't make it back to follow up on those comments. We all love comments and I do my best to follow up on them as much as possible. And I want my readers to know I received their comments and appreciate them.

When you have a chance double check your Blogger settings and see if you may be a No Reply Blogger.. it's an Easy fix and the LOVE will start pouring in!!

P.S. Thank You to everyone who leaves me a comment or stops by to visit.

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